Garage Sales

When I say garage sales, I don’t mean Mobile Frame Garage sales, though that would be pretty awesome. No, I mean the “It’s spring so we need to get rid of our kids’ toys since they left for college” garage sales. There are many opportunities to pick up lego at reduced prices if you get out there early enough. I managed to get 7 of these weird lego bionicle ball-snake-things at 50 cents apiece, as well as some lego board games (2x Robo Champ, 1x Monsters 4) at $2 apiece. I’ve picked up boxes of toys with random amounts of lego for anywhere between fifty cents and a few dollars. I think the most expensive per piece so far is 2 cents, and a various amount of knockoff lego as well which I put aside for a later time.

Turns out that those bionicle ball things are pretty nifty and called Bohroks. They don’t allow for as much decoration as regular lego, but you can get some fully functional frames out of them fairly easily, plus many of the small technic pieces can be used in traditional builds as well. I’ve picked up some bionicle in the past to see if I can make something out of them, but it never really worked out.

Meet the Mortar Beetle. The only easily removed pieces on this are the weapons, so I guess as a frame it would only have 2Ra+d8 +2W. I’m sure I could use other pieces and imagination to make it work better, but I’m still really new to using these bionicle pieces at all so it may take a bit. I think my second construct was much better.

Meet bulldog. Thick armor plates on both shoulders give superior defensive capabilities while the pair of horns mounted above the head can deliver vicious melee damage. 2Rh+d8+Gd8+2B=2W.

So all in all, these are a work in progress. I wouldn’t mind fielding the bulldog as a complete frame. I think it’s pretty impressive for a bionicle SSC at all, but I would definitely add more pieces to it to swap out a some defense for a spot roll. Definitely worth keeping an eye out if they’re available, they’re usually quite inexpensive since they seem to be treated more as action figures than as lego. Thanks for reading!


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