Building Techniques: Basic Ijad Frame Shapes

To begin, I would like to beg pardon for being late with this post. It was supposed to go up on wednesday but I just didn’t have time to finish it. This is a surprisingly difficult topic to cover because there’s just so much do discuss, and I had no idea what to do, what to say, or what to showcase. Plus, I couldn’t get anything to look pretty when I was trying to align images to text, so that didn’t help. Now, on to the article.

Ghanateh with Ijad

There are so many variations on Ijad frames it’s not even funny. Ijad are sentient parasites that can inhabit the body of any living creature large enough to fit them. This leads to an incredible number of different shapes. There is, however, one common warbeast among the Ijad: the Ghanateh. It is the most commonly inhabited host due to the shared history between the Ghanateh and the Ijad, as well as the fact that they are extremely easy to work with as beasts of battle. It is responsible for the standard 4-legged frame that is ubiquitous among frame architects colloquially known as Quads.

File:I-ST-02 Scrambler (Sisterhood Use).jpg

I-ST-02 Scrambler, by Soren(?)

The most easily recognized Ijad frame is called the Scrambler, and if I understand my MFZ history properly, it was originally create by Soren and is the Frame in which the Ghanatih and Ijadih are pilots. The originals are available on Soren’s flickr page. There are very many types of Ijad Scramblers nowadays, such as the I-ST-02 Scrambler pictured on the left. It’s a very easy frame to make as all it requires is 4 legs, a roundish body and then systems that can be tacked on to said body.

Ijad Scratcher, by Michael Raichelson

There are many ways to modify the scrambler to make it suit your tastes. For example, the Ijad Scratcher is a take on the Scrambler that replaces the legs with perpendicular skis while keeping the traditional knee decorated with 2×2 discs. It is, of course, mounted with a pair of huge weapons to destroy its enemies rather than the simple laser weapon that most Scramblers are equipped with.

Ijad Strider, by Soren. Image by David Bradford.

Ijad Strider by Malcom Craig

The Ijad Strider is a less common variant, essentially placing a pseudo-torso onto the scrambler legs and attaching the systems to that torso. It makes it easier to attach systems due to the easily-modified hardpoints. This creates one of two styles of Frames, one that either looks like a Droideka, or one that looks like much more like a Scrambler with a tacked-on backpack.

Ijad Behemoth, by Michael Raichelson

Then there’s the Behemoth. The Behemoth showcases what the Ijad can really do with their frames. It’s still 4 legged, as many animals are, except this one is much larger than a Ghanat. It’s one of the many other animals that the Ijad can bond with, in this case an as-yet-unnamed alien megafauna. Michael Raichelson is the creator of the Behemoth and he has done a ton of work on it. There are so many of the various possible systems configurations that I wouldn’t be able to list them, so instead I will just link you to Mr Raichelson’s Flickr page that houses his Behemoth collection. And this is just one of the many discovered and undiscovered animals that exist for the Ijad to bond with, so you can really use your imagination. Or you can avoid imagination and use Terran animals too, as it’s entirely possible that Ijad may have found their way into a Free Colonies menagerie.

Ijad frames are fairly simple to build. 4 legs and a central platform are all that is required to have the basis of an ijad quad-style frame. Most often used for simplicity is Piece 75937, which is essentially just 8 handles attached in an octagonal pattern with a 2×2 plate in the middle. It is, of course, far from mandatory to use it, as there are many ways to give a frame 4 legs. For example, Mantisking uses a Technic Knob Wheel to good effect on his blog where he discusses his quads.

Use of Piece 95937 (Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Bar Frame Octagonal, Reinforced, Completely Round Studs)

Use of Piece 32072 (Technic Knob Wheel)

Legs can be as simple as two pieces, just a Mechanical Arm with a Claw or as complicated as you can imagine it and they can be connected to the body with nearly any combination of clips or joints. Many people choose to include a knee joint of some sort but it isn’t necessary, as long as the frame can stand. It’s very difficult to give tips or tricks because Ijad frames are incredibly free-form once you’ve picked the kind of base you want to start with. It’s all up to finding ways to place extra systems on it, which shouldn’t be too difficult since you have 3 spare handles along the octagon as well as whatever studs you’ve left available on top.

So, as usual, all images used without permission of the respective copyrights holders. If I did everything right, clicking on an image should bring you to the owner of that image’s flickr page of the full frame photo, except for a handful which are from Soren’s dropbox (I don’t know what I should link to in that case). If you’d rather I link one of your photos to a different website, let me know and I’ll switch that for you.


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  1. Mantisking

    Thanks for the mention. One thing I tend to do when I post pictures from other people on my blog is to leave a comment on the Flickr page — or wherever the source might be — that the image comes from linking back to the blog page. It lets people know the image has been used and potentially generates hits from the link. Just something to think about.


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