Single Set Challenge – 41528 Niksput

Here’s the second Orbiton-class Mixel, 41528 Niksput. Something I didn’t quite notice until my wife pointed it out is that he looks just like Elvis when his wings are pointed the right way. I have no doubt that this was completely intentional. #ElvisLives

I personally think Niksput here is pretty ridiculous-looking. Bangs puffed up like a 60s rock star, a bulbous eye and farting fire make for an odd grouping of qualities. He does, however, have a very interesting parts list for a mixel.

Those wing plates are pretty great, but they’ll be hard to fit on a mixel if I want to keep it symmetrical. Which I do, because I’m somewhat anal retentive like that. There are a lot of pieces in this set that I just didn’t know what to do with, so I ended up just sticking things together until it looked somewhat reasonable. And then I gave it legs.

Meet the delivery skiff, nicknamed “Wind Runner”. An amphibious frame used to deliver parcels across bodies of water both large and small, the delivery skiff was given a rework when it turned out that the Solar Union had secretly built mineral extraction platforms in the middle of a lake that was the source of drinking water for the colony. Now they are still as fast as ever but have received an upgrade to their maneuverability with the improved Flicksail® wind rudder. Of course, we can’t forget to include the newly fitted dual naval rams which provide them with unparalleled close quarters destruction.

This was a simple frame to construct and left quite a few pieces available, so I decided I’d see if I could get a station out of it. I found a use for the wings, thankfully. It’s slightly longer than 4 studs, and it really doesn’t work at all if you consider that the standard scale of MFZ is 7p and we’ve already cut that down by over 40% using 4p scale frames, but suspend your disbelief for a moment as I show you this wonderful yacht with foreign dignitaries on board (wearing the green berets)!

If you really want to make it fit a little tighter, you can raise the sails vertically, but I find that makes it seem a little too tall and off-ratio. Here’s a comparative image of them side by side to show the size difference.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome and requested.



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