Single Set Challenge – 41527 Rokit

Have I mentioned that I really like mixels? No? Well, I really like mixels. For lego, they’re as inexpensive as you can get. Even the smallest of box sets and polybags are more expensive than mixels. $5.98 for ~60 pieces is as good as it gets. Especially now, with the weak dollar and the prices of everything going up by 25%. Yeah, I’m a little bitter. The price sure didn’t go down when the CAD was doing better than the USD. Anyway, I digress. $6 for 60 pieces is the golden ratio.

Today I will be discussing 41526 Rokit. An Orbiton-clan mixel that has his electronic brain exposed like Dr Gero is shown standing around holding laser sticks in his hands.

He definitely has some nice pieces to use. There are a few things in here that are notable, including the transparent dome and circular plaform, which are obviously begging to be used together, and a single tap. Also, the red light sabre beams. Those are awesome. I don’t have any since the star wars sets are so overpriced, so these are great to toss in to the bag of tricks.

So with this, I was handed a few systems right off the bat. The dome is a structurally reinforced transparent aluminum dome, protecting direct hits to the pilot sitting inside while giving him great visibility. It’s also air-tight, which allows this particular frame to be used in shallow water or in space.

I’d like to introduce “Welder”, the pressurized low-orbit spot welding frame refitted with naphtha cannisters, a rocket launcher and a laser rangefinder, with a reinforced transparent aluminum dome for protection. The rocket launcher can be refitted to fire missiles, if you wants to swap a direct-fire for an artillery system, and if you don’t want to be spreading hydrocarbons across the field the naphtha thrower can be replaced by a simple laser pistol which, coincidentally, looks identical except with a laser beam instead of a plume of fire.

That’s my MFZ SSC for Rokit. I hope y’all like it, and please do leave me comments about what I can do to improve this for you. Oh yeah, I noticed afterwards that this is the set that contained the nixel for the clan. I forgot to include it in the parts list, and subsequently didn’t use it in my build. I’ll eventually get a “redux” of this one for that simple reason.



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