Single Set Challenge – 30263 Spider Crawler

Near my home there’s a place I affectionately call the “Costco reject store” which sells goods with damaged boxes or returns from Costco, as well as several other stores. Every once in a while they end up having lego for sale. The prices are generally reduced anywhere from 20% to 60%, so it really helps bring the prices to reasonable levels. I recently acquired a small pile of lego sticker book bundles, which are two story books and a sticker book, as well as a polybag, for under $5. They make great gifts for my younger cousins so I always pick up multiples. One of these contains the polybag for 30263 Spider Crawler. I didn’t think much of it until I opened it up and made it.

I took a short look at it and realized that it might make a halfway decent frame. So I flipped it upside down to get that nice “Studs not on top” (SNOT) look and it worked out wonderfully almost right out of the bag. I made two versions with small differences, one using direct fire weapons and one using melee.

“Pistol Crab”, Direct Fire (2x direct fire weapons, 2x radar antennae):

“The Tick”, Melee (2x Claw, 1x Booster rockets, 1x radar coupling):

Now you can see that I’m being fairly liberal with the use of the term “system”, but they’re all removable when necessary and you can renegotiate the fits for whatever system you feel more comfortable with.

Yes, it is fairly small, but it fits (tightly) within 4p scale which is generally the scale you’ll get when doing SSC with small sets.



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