First post… About this blog.

Hey all,

I’m a fan of Mobile Frame Zero (MFZ), and I’m also pretty broke. I love Lego but it’s often waaay overpriced here in Canada. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you know about things such as the golden ratio, MFZ, the hangar, and the rules surrounding the game. I’m mostly creating this place as a repository for my Single Set Challenges (SSC) for MFZ. One of the best purchases, price-point wise, are Lego’s Mixels, a brand of build-your-own action figures with cartoony looks. Today I spent the day creating a 3-man team (and two stations) for $20, using the “Orbiton” mixels. I will eventually put up the photos, but don’t expect anything too professional: I don’t have the patience to deal with that kind of stuff.

So I will, of course, also link to other material found elsewhere on the web by such fun guys as Mantis King, Dark Cloud, and a variety of other folks/blogs.

Thanks for putting up with me!




    • DJ

      I am “on” G+, but I never actually go. I’ll definitely bookmark that group though to check it out. Thanks a bundle for the link!


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